Calling Functions

The useFunctionsCall enables you to call a Callable Cloud Function on demand.

For example, lets assume we have a updateProduct Callable HTTPS Function deployed which accepts a product ID and data to update. Instead of calling this function as we render, we can instead call it as a mutation on demand.

import React from "react";
import { useFunctionsCall } from "@react-query-firebase/functions";
import { functions } from "../firebase";

function Product({ id }: { id: number }) {
  const mutation = useFunctionsCall(functions, "updateProduct");

  return (
      onClick={() => {
          name: "New product name!",
      Update Product Name

The hook is built on top of the useMutation hook.


The 3rd argument of the hook accepts an optional HttpsCallableOptions argument which will be used when requested. For example we can increase the timeout of the request.

const mutation = useFunctionsCall(functions, "updateProduct", {
  timeout: 10000,

React Query options#

The 4th optional argument accepts options of the useMutation hook, allowing us handle things such as side effects.

const mutation = useFunctionsCall(
    timeout: 10000,
    onSuccess() {
      console.log("Product updated...");
    onError(error) {
      console.error("Failed to update product...", error);
    onMutate(variables) {
      console.log("Updating product with variables", variables);